The Grapner, the multipurpose digging grab
Le Grapner, la benne de terrassement polyvalente
Der Grapner, der Mehrzweck-Grabgreifer

The Grapner®

The multipurpose clamshell grab

The Grapner, the multipurpose digging grab
Grapner grab’s dimensions:
Without rotator: 380 kg
Grapner’s weight:
The Grapner has mounting holes for:
Mechanical interface:
270 bar
Maximum pressure in service:
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Rotator THUMM Rotorex 503
Adapter KM 502 for pin rotators
2 connections on rotator, for left-right rotation
2 connections on Grapner chassis for opening-closing
(fast release connectors and hoses - not included)
Hydraulic interface:
Grapner grab’s dimensions
Model 350 l