The Grapner, the multipurpose digging grab
Le Grapner, la benne de terrassement polyvalente
Der Grapner, der Mehrzweck-Grabgreifer

The Grapner®

The multipurpose clamshell grab

The Grapner, the multipurpose digging grab
The product
The Grapner clamshell grab can be distinguished from ordinary models by a layout with moving articulations, and with buckets that work together or independently.
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The efficiency is higher, because of the possibility of working on one plane in both the opening and the closing cycle of the buckets.
The buckets open and close around moving articulations, giving the grab exceptional ability to penetrate even very hard soils.
Its geometry adapts itself automatically to different working conditions and the buckets fit perfectly the grabbed objects.
The Grapner clamshell grab also has moving ejectors to expel materials which have tendency to stick to the buckets (earth, clay etc…).
No additional hydraulic hose is required compared to the regular equipment of lorry cranes or other excavation vehicles.
The materials used for the manufacture of the Grapner grab are of high quality. It uses special steels which are particularly resistant to stone abrasion and wear.
The grab is manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, by a certified company.
The Grapner grab is conceived to be used on a lorry crane with a capacity higher than 10 to.m.
Benne Grapner en train de creuser
Fabrication du Grapner
The Grapner is produced by a manufacturer specialized in metalforming and welding.

It uses steels of highest quality: HARDOX™ and WELDOX™.

The articulations are equipped with special bearings, designed for high statical loads, and usage in heavy machinery.

Each Grapner is assembled carefully and tested before delivery to the customer.