The Grapner, the multipurpose digging grab
Le Grapner, la benne de terrassement polyvalente
Der Grapner, der Mehrzweck-Grabgreifer

The Grapner®

The multipurpose clamshell grab

The Grapner, the multipurpose digging grab
Amortise your investment in a Grapner grab in 800 hours!
A Grapner grab allows you:
To execute all the usual jobs with an appreciable time gain up to 50 - 70%.
Keywords: grapples, demolition, tubing wells, rock handling, underground conduits, piping, landscaping, bucket grab, excavator machine, clamshell
To clean out ditches and drains.
The Grapner grab prolongs the lifespan of the carrying crane
Dig excavations with the Grapner bucket
Grapner bucket digging an excavation
Grapner grab used to sink wells
Grapner bucket digging a well
Lower diameter can be greater than the upper to facilitate tubing
To carry out demolition jobs, unload and load lorries without  damage.
Grapner bucket used for riprap work
Rocks being safely grabbed by the Grapner buckets
To carry out rock handling without using a cable or additional workforce, the rocks being safely grabbed by the buckets, and put down with precision.
To excavate and dig holes in hard ground with minimal loads on the crane. This enables a major reduction in maintenance costs and increases the crane’s life.
To sink wells. The dimensions of the hole are constant to the bottom, the lower diameter can be greater than the upper to facilitate tubing.
To strip, regularize, landscape surfaces with more precision than with conventional grabs. The horizontal stability is constant.
To intervene with easiness and precision during the maintenance of underground piping (gas, water, cabling).